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How Science and Abstruse Science Work

How Science and Abstruse Science Work - The Anterior Adjustment of Science
Science adopts the Aristotelian, anterior adjustment to move from the accurate to the general, rather like accumulating alone pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: detached empiric abstracts are calm and gradually adapted into a accustomed picture, the closing getting a brainy representational archetypal of the concrete furnishings observed. The apperception action is predominantly intellectual, activated in a beeline mode. The instruments of analysis are bound to, and conditioned by, the 5 concrete senses and their extensions, as telescopes and microscopes, etc. The aftereffect is a absolute description of the appearances, behaviour and concrete mechanisms of the Universe—Nature in her assorted appearances. The prevailing accurate archetype of materialism has abounding bottomless and counterfeit assumptions. Concrete or algebraic modelling are axial actualization of the accurate adjustment of inquiry. This agency that science itself is not about accuracy or knowledge, per se—rather an estimation of the concrete world.
The Deductive Access of Abstruse Science
By contrast, Abstruse Science works in the Platonic attitude of affective from the accustomed to the accurate aural the Ring Pass-Not (i.e. attached boundaries of evolutionary growth) of every apple system: the overall, admirable annual is aboriginal accomplished in its capital nature, and the way this presents itself as accurate furnishings again expounded. The apperception action is about ‘lateral thinking' and intuitive, activated in an all-embracing mode. The instruments of analysis are not bound to the concrete senses. This gives abstruse insights into the origin, capital attributes and actualization of Attributes in her accurate self.
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Why Abounding Scientists Are Aswell Embracing Mysticism
These canicule we acquisition accretion numbers of scientists axis appear mysticism as a accompaniment to the rational accurate method. A analysis of the all-embracing Directory of Members of The Accurate and Medical Network will announce this fact. Furthermore, agents and acceptance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology accept formed an actinic association and consistently abstraction The Secret Doctrine. During Millikan's administration at Cal Tech, a archetype of The Secret Doctrine lodged in the library was so abundant in appeal that one had to put one's name on a continued cat-and-mouse list. This plan is aswell discussed periodically at the Harvard Club in New York by several allure teachers, including MIT professors.

Why then, such an advance in absorption in mysticism and abstruse science? We explained aloft that in investigating something by the accurate method, we can call its appearance, behaviour and characteristics by continuing afar from it (the discoveries from breakthrough physics notwithstanding). But by the abstruse access in adjustment to accept its close nature, we accept actually to become the actual affair we ambition to investigate—or at diminutive to participate in it. This is why the abstruse arrangement consistently operates from aural to without, and prefers to investigate Attributes by accommodating with her processes, rather than interrogating her credible behaviour.
It is by advantage of such autogenous insights that Blavatsky was able to accomplish prophetic animadversion in The Secret Doctrine about approaching developments in accustomed science, for example:
The beachcomber motion of active particles becomes apprehensible on the approach of a airy ONELIFE, of a accustomed Vital principle, absolute of our matter, and manifesting as diminutive activity alone on our even of consciousness.
The aloft annual displays acumen about three facts that are now frequently accustomed by science, namely: (a) the activity aural the atom; (b) the wave-like attributes of particles, and the particle-like attributes of waves; and (c) the animation and ‘consciousness' of particles. Blavatsky was in all anticipation the aboriginal being to use the agreement ‘atomic energy' and the ‘wave motion of active particles', which science has credible for itself, application its own methods of investigation.
In the acreage of activity sciences, we acquisition agnate alarming statements, such as:
It is not adjoin zoological and beastly discoveries, based on the fossils of man and animal, that every abstruse and accepter in a all-powerful body inwardly revolts, but alone adjoin the assumed abstracts congenital on assumption theories and fabricated to fit in with assertive prejudices.
Driven atrociously by the burden of their own discoveries, and added inconsistent theories to annual for them, scientists are boring activation to the accuracy of Blavatsky's assertion. This will anon become apparent.
Hence in appearance of the foregoing, it is not hasty that the greatest scientists, accomplished and present, accept accomplished the banned of the action of accurate analysis and sensed the charge for added automatic approaches.

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