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How to Repair Whirlpool Washer Locations - Coupler

The Whirlpool washer articulation takes the abode of the belt that is acclimated on the earlier appearance washers. If your washer does not beat or spin, there is a acceptable adventitious the articulation is broke. The best way to change the articulation is to abolish the cabinet. This is easier again it sounds. The aboriginal affair you charge to do (after disconnecting the power) is to alleviate the ascendancy panel. There are four altered designs. The a lot of accepted ascendancy console is captivated in abode to the chiffonier with two screws at the abject of the panel, on the appropriate and larboard edge. The next accepted appearance is there are two screws on the behind of the console on the appropriate and larboard side. The third architecture is there are trim pieces absorbed to the ascendancy console on anniversary end. These trim pieces will pop off with a simple tug at the top Afterwards you abolish the trim, you will acquisition two screws in the foreground corners. The newest architecture is that there are bounce appearance blow beneath the end caps of the ascendancy panel. You can absolution these clips with a adulate knife or scrapper. You charge to advance the apparatus beneath the end caps and accession the ascendancy panel.
Tools you will charge are: 1/4" or 5/16" atrium or nut driver, accepted spiral driver, baby hammer, 1/2" atrium with extension, pliers.
After you accept alone the panel, all you do is lift it advancement and let it blow over the aback console of the washer. Now we charge to abstract the lid about-face accouter and abolish the chiffonier from the frame. To do this, you charge to locate a bounce blow on the alien bend of the top of the cabinet. You can absolution these clips by application a spiral disciplinarian or aciculate tool. Once you get the clips released, grab the chiffonier and cull it against you. The chiffonier should articulation at the basal front. Now you can cull the chiffonier abroad from the anatomy and set it off to the side. Now you will charge to absolution the clips that authority the pump to the motor. Yield the clips absolutely off the motor. Next you charge to yield the screws out of the clips that authority the motor to the manual and abolish the clips application a accepted spiral driver. Afterwards these clips are removed, the motor should just abatement against the floor. Next you will charge to unplug the motor wire accouter from the motor and set the motor off to the side. At this point, you should be able to see all three locations to the coupler. Abolish all three locations from the manual and motor with a accepted spiral disciplinarian and audit them for any cracks or torn parts. If the articulation is not bankrupt in any way, there will apparently be a botheration with the transmission.
Now you are accessible to install the new coupler. Aboriginal put one section (white artificial piece) on the manual shaft. This is area you charge the 1/2" atrium and extension. Band up the articulation to the shaft of the manual and tap it on the blow of the way with the 1/2" socket. You will not charge to use abundant force. Repeat this action if putting the articulation on the motor. The third allotment of the articulation in fact connects the motor and manual together. You charge to band up the column on the articulation with the holes in the elastic piece. Once this is done, put the clips aback on the motor and reinsert the screws. Now you can bung the accouter to the motor and reinstall the clips that authority the pump to the motor.
You are about there. The chiffonier is next to be put aback on the frame. Advance the foreground on the chiffonier beneath the foreground bend of the anatomy and again let the chiffonier abatement towars the aback panel. The ancillary panels of the chiffonier should blow on the anatomy tightly. If the ancillary are accedence out, one ancillary at a time you charge to advance the rear bend of the console entering and lock on the frame. Reinstall the bounce clips at the top and bung in the lid switch. Roll the ascendancy console aback over the chiffonier and reinstall the screws or clips.
After the ascendancy console is bound down, bung the washer aback in and try the circuit cycle. Afterwards you are abiding the circuit aeon is working, try the ablution aeon and be abiding it is ok. Now you are accessible to do the ablution and be appreciative of what you accept done in acclimation your washer.

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